Edinburgh Man #1!


It’s taken a couple of days to get round to posting this, but it’s very good news.

We got voted #1 in Edinburgh Man’s best of 2011! Yeah!

We’re all big fans of the podcast, so it really means a lot to be voted so high. Especially when you consider all the other songs in the list. Quite an honour to even be included among them really.

I’m still quite confused why anyone would vote for us in such a great list of songs. Thanks very much if you did though! Was a very nice end of year surprise.

I’d recommend you listen to the podcast if you haven’t already (or even if you have!). It’s really very good entertainment. Got pretty exciting as the countdown went on. By the time it got down to the top 5 we were pretty sure we hadn’t made it into the top 50. We were all very surprised.

Anyway, I’m going on like it’s the Oscars or something…… I’d like to thank my dog, and my postman, and my hairdresser…..



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